Saturday, December 13, 2014

Elmo Leopold: A Twelfth Night Interview

We were originally supposed to have an interview with Aimee J. Scott, author of Eva’s Ascension, but due to circumstances beyond our control that interview had to be postponed. Instead we are presenting, a day late and at great imaginary expense, an interview with Pharos Publishing author, Elmo Leopold.

1.) What are you willing to tell us about yourself?

Well, I sprang, fully formed, from the mind of another author in the mid 90s. I am the in house pseudonym for Pharos Publishing and as such I get blamed for the books that people are too ashamed to put their name on. Or credited for the awesome ones that might get someone else sued.

2.) What’s it like, not being real?

I am real. At least, I’m real in the sense that the Velveteen Rabbit became real. He was loved until he was real. I’ve been, well maybe not loved but the idea is the same. Let’s just say that as long as I am utilized for the purpose that I was created I will be real.

3.) Who created you?

Ok, that’s a bit of a theological question. Who created you? Was it your Mum and Dad? Was it God? It’s the same with me. The first writer to blame me for their work, or credit if you prefer, is my Mum or Dad. The really smart readers will be able to figure out who that is. But the more interesting question is, was God responsible for their creation of me?

4.) What themes are you most passionate about and which of your works explore them?

Whichever themes are being explored in a book with my name on it and all of my books explore them.

5.) What other projects are on your radar for the near future?

I’ve been appointed as editor on a Charity Anthology to raise awareness of Domestic Violence and money to help people escape from that horrific nightmare.

6.) What will you tell us about that project?

We are looking for authors willing to donate a story with a domestic violence theme that is partly grounded in fact. There will be 13 stories an the book will, probably, carry the title “Twelve Shades of Crazy”.

7.) What is your favorite book written by yourself and by someone else and why?

By me, none, as I’ve never actually written anything and by someone else, anything with my name on it.

8.) Is there any question that you dislike answering and why?

What is it like to not be real? Mostly, because it is a hurtful reminder that I am basically someone’s imaginary friend.

9.) Is there a question that you wish someone had asked you and what is your answer to it?

What is the square root of 2 pumpkin pie? My answer would be, who cares as long as there is whipped cream too.

10.) What is the hardest part of being a writer?

Not having a corporeal being to actually do the physical act of writing.

11.) What do you want your legacy to be?

More good books were published with my name on the than bad ones.

12.) Where can readers find you on the internet?

Short Author Bio:

eyeElmo Leopold sprang, fully formed, from the mind of another author in the middle of the final decade of the twentieth century. He takes equal parts credit and blame for other authors' work as is befitting his role as Pharos' in house pseudonym.