Thursday, October 10, 2013

Angry American: Federal Shutdown

Some readers of this blog may recall that I had originally planned for it to be political and carry the name "Angry American" but decided to drop that partly because I didn't think I could comfortably confine myself to just politics and partly because I despise the fact that we refer to people from the USA as americans when that is incredibly inacurate. Now fast forward to the present and I suddenly have a lot of political ranting I wish to do. So the next few posts will be more in line with what I had originally envisioned for this blog. For those of you outside the US and those who hate politics, I should apologize in advance but I won't, I'll return to my usual ephemera in a week or two.

So the Federal government is shutdown. I don't know nor am I a non-essential government employee so the only effect of said shut down that I personally have noted is that gas (petrol) prices have dropped somewhere in the area of 40¢ per gallon. This is either a huge coincidence or the people who artificially inflate gas prices are considered non-essential.

I have heard other stories of course. A school that had to suspend bussing because the only safe bus route was closed because it ran through a national park. Disabled veterans kicked out of the national monuments and memorials in DC. I have no proof that these are true stories or not though.

The Republicans blame the Democrats of course for standing their ground and failing to compromise and the Democrats not only blame the Republicans for doing the same but are being extremely venomous about it. The truth is they are all to blame. Republicans and Democrats. House, Senate and President. No one wants to try to compromise they just want to yell, scream and point the finger. It reminds me of the end of my marriage.

So what is the solution? Get them all out of office and start over might be a good place to start. Unfortunately, for the moment, that isn't an option but they should probably watch their backs come re-election time. They need to compromise and get back to work on the real issues and not focus time and attention on what a certain pro football team is named (I'm looking at you Obama). Basically, it is time for our Federal Representatives to piss or get off the pot.