Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Guest Blog: Premature Christmas

Today I present the first of two guest blogs on the theme of Thanksgiving. This one is a poem with a very loose grip on the Thanksgiving theme written by my daughter. You can follow her blog by clicking here.


Premature Christmas

By Kayleigh Foland

Snow is falling

Sleigh bells ringing

But that can’t quite be right


Santa’s calling

Not yet Thanksgiving

Sure makes for an interesting sight


Turkeys and snowmen arguing over their shelf space

Ornaments arguing inside the carts

Turkeys and hams arguing inside the ice chest

Greed and charity arguing over our hearts


Why must we rush Christmas?

It’ll be here soon enough.

Take the time to smell the roses.

Can’t you wait just one more month?


Copyright 2013 Kayleigh Foland