Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Questions, Questions, Questions!

Allegedly, Steven Moffat will be tying up all the loose ends from Matt Smith’s era in The Time of the Doctor. Now it occurs to me that as big a feat as that is I will probably still have other questions. So here, in no particular order, are a list of some questions that I’d like to ask Moffat. Most of which I suspect will not be answered on Christmas day.

  1. How did Prisoner Zero escape through the crack when the cracks deleted people from ever having existed?
  2. If the Doctor rebooted the universe, why did everything that happened in the old universe happen in the new?
  3. What happened to the Angel that zapped the Ponds?
  4. Are UNIT and the Zygons still locked in the Black Archive negotiating?
  5. Why create the War Doctor instead of just using McGann?
  6. Were you tempted to name the Gallifreyan General Maxell and have Colin Baker play him?
  7. Why not have surviving Doctors supply new dialog instead of using recognizable bits from past episodes? (After all he did have 1st Doctor dialogue dubbed by a voice artist.)
  8. Why not have McGann film a new bit instead of using TV Movie footage? (He could have done it while filming the minisode.)
  9. Who was the girl in the shop who gave Clara the Doctor’s phone number?
  10. If Jack’s Vortex Manipulator was disabled by the sonic, where did he get the one he left to UNIT that only needed the code entered?
  11. Come to that, What happened to River’s Vortex Manipulator?
  12. Who blew up the TARDIS?

There are so very many more, which is funny because I used to just watch Who and enjoy it. Of course that was before I started writing. Now I have questions that will never be answered, from Davies as well as Moffat, and I guess I shall have to learn to live with that.