Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stranger than Fiction

I read and write several genres of fiction as well as non-fiction and I have to say…. I may give up the fiction. Over the last year I’ve been witnessing real life events that, if I actually wrote them down and published them, people would say were so outlandish that they had to be fiction.

In a world where government agencies appear to collude with people in order to help them continue to emotionally abuse their ex-spouse long after he or she has escaped from them. Where confidential, protected, information can be released to an unrelated third party and no one is held responsible because they didn’t document that they did something questionable in their notes. Where someone can say that they intend to harass you until you allow them to violate your constitutional rights and mean it quite literally. In this world, who needs fiction?

Well, if I published the truth and people thought it was fiction, would that be so bad? I mean, as long as they bought it, who cares if they believe it? On the other hand how would they be warned of what is lurking out there in the world? All things considered… I’ll sell the fiction and save the truth for this blog. Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll sell both and, occasionally, post both here. I wonder which will sell more.