Tuesday, September 2, 2014

OCY/CYS/CPS: 5 appalling things

Over the last sixteen months or so I’ve had the opportunity, if you can call it that, to witness the manner in which the Erie County Office of Children and Youth Services (OCY) operates. OCY, called CYS in other PA counties and CPS in other states, is the agency that purports to protect children from abuse and neglect. During the course of my observations I began to notice things that didn’t sit right; I decided to do a little bit of research on Child Protective Services across the US and Learned that the oddities where not unique to Erie County, PA. So, to inform parents across the US, here are five appalling things about OCY/CYS/CPS.
5.) They have no problem violating your rights. In fact the will argue that you have no rights that protect you from them. I know of one woman who asked an OCY case worker what she needed to do to have her case closed and the case worker told her she had to let the case worker into her home. The woman told the case worker that that would be a violation of her rights. The case worker’s response was, “I know.”
4.) If the same person continuously makes false accusations against you they will continue to stay open with you and investigate every single false accusation. (They have to, in case one is true.) This makes it, not only easy, but ideal for your ex to use the agency to continue to emotionally abuse you (with their gleeful assistance) for as long as your kids are below the age of 18.
3.) There is no finding of innocent. If an accusation is made against you there are only three possible outcomes to an OCY investigation:
a.) Founded: Which is guilty with concrete evidence.
b.) Indicated: Guilty with circumstantial evidence.
c.) Unfounded: Guilty, but they could find no evidence and gave up, for now.
2.) Case workers can violate the law, agency rules and any standard of ethics known to man with impunity as long as they do not write down what they did in their case notes. There is no governing organization to appeal to either.
1.) Most appalling of all is the statistic that more US children are abused and or killed in the care of OCY/CYS/CPS than in the care of their parents!!!!!!
You have been warned!