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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Review: The Endangered

Way back in September we participated in a blog tour for the release of S. L. Eaves' book, The Endangered. Part of the material provided to those of us hosting the tour was an Advance Review Copy of the book. I started reading it right away but then life got away from me and I didn't finish it until Christmas. All of which means that this review is four months later than planned. (Warning: There may be Spoilers ahead.)

The story itself is excellent. It's not your typical Vampires vs Werewolves story. Instead it reads more like a female Jason Bourne vampire thriller in which the bad guys just happen to be werewolves. That means it is light years away from what I was expecting when I started reading.

The female lead is well rounded and the book doesn't just gloss over her life prior to being turned. She has feelings and a bit of a chip on her shoulder before hand and that chip seems to get slightly enlarged by being brought across. She's also ill, though she doesn't know it until later, which leads to my favorite passage in the whole book. She goes into a church and has a monolouge at God about predestination and vampiric evil.

As I mentioned above, the copy that I read was an ARC and as such I am going to assume that the jarring tense changes and typos (all the werewolves apparently have fury bodies rather than furry ones) were fixed before it was released. If so I give The Endangered four stars out of five. If not then it drops to three stars.

So to quickly recap, S. L. Eaves delivers a wonderfully thrilling tale of intrigue between vampires and werewolves that is well worth your time. Now, go grab a copy today via Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

S.L. Eaves Bio:

sleavesPresently, Stephanie L. Eaves is a graduate student at Drexel University, pursuing her MBA. She received her undergraduate degree in Film from University of Pittsburgh. Originally from West Chester, PA., she lived in Pittsburgh and Minneapolis before returning to the Philadelphia area, where she currently resides. Stephanie's professional background is in marketing, primarily in the media and publishing industries. She sort of fell into marketing when she got tired of per diems on film sets and wanted a steady gig. She enjoys being in an environment that promotes creativity.

Stephanie loves to write. She's taken a number of writing courses with a focus on crime fiction and earned a certificate in Professional Writing while attending Pitt. She's also really into fitness, especially running and biking in her free time. While she readily confesses to being a bit of a film and television junkie, music has always been a huge influence in nearly every aspect of her life, and she believes there’s nothing like a good live band.

When home, she's never without a book in arm’s reach.

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