Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bullying… It takes a community.

My step son is being bullied. It got so bad at school that he started skipping school. When we discovered that his brothers and he were sneaking back in to the house through their bedroom windows we went to the school and made arrangements for someone at the school to call us if the kids did not attend. No one ever called.

They filed truancy charges against him and his mother and a hearing was held. The representative from the school claimed to be ignorant of the bullying. The District Magistrate told my son that if he attended school and got his grades up she would not fine him or suspend his ability to get his driver’s learning permit. So he goes to school, works hard gets his grades up. His mom and I continue going to the school about his being bullied. No resolution to the bullying ever appears and despite doing as the Magistrate ordered he was fined $371.00 and cannot get his permit for 90 days after his sixteenth birthday.

The school has successfully taught him that if you are being bullied nothing will be done (in fact the told him it was more likely he would be the bully than the victim) to the bullies but the victim will be punished especially if he skips school to hide from the bullies. The Magistrate has taught him that no matter what the government tells you, doing what they ask will only result in your being punished anyway.

So his current attitude is that the kids are bullies, the school staff are bullies and the law enforcement officials in the government are bullies. As far as he is concerned the entire community is peopled with bullies. He wants to move away from Union City and failing that wants to go to school online. Sadly, I am inclined to agree with him!