Thursday, September 18, 2014

Future Pharos Publications?

I was trying to organize my future work and get some things down “on paper” before I forgot them. While doing this I happened to make a list of my next few projects based on the ideas I was “jotting down”. I took that list and inserted my two current projects into it and then I decided to add in the other Pharos Authors. The resultant list is a short snapshot of our proposed output for the near future. A snapshot that I thought I might share with you. All titles are listed with a short descriptive phrase so as not to give away too much and have ideas going off with someone else.

Richard L. Foland Jr.:

Walk With God – Inspirational Christian Theology
Kayleigh and the Caterpillar – Children’s Fantasy Bed Time Story
Count the Cost* (Body Donor 2) – Follow up to At What Price?
Nemesis (Origins 1) – Superhero Fiction
Christian's Quest* – Love the title but it could work with two different ideas, hmmm.

Elmo Leopold:+

Twelve Shades of Crazy – 13 short stories in a Charity Anthology to benefit a Domestic Violence Charity

Kayleigh Foland:

Chaotica: Poems to a Theory* – Poetry Anthology on the theme of Chaos

* = Tentative Title
+ = Editor


Some of these may never see the light of day, be absorbed into another ideas or have a name change. For the time being, however, this is what we hope to put out over the next couple years. There may also be the odd publication of items in our archives that are not reflected here.

Note: The Charity Anthology is looking for authors who are willing to donate short stories dealing with Domestic Violence, especially ones based on true events.