Saturday, March 12, 2016

Carcosa: A Featured eBook (and Paperback)

Last September we featured an inspiring interview with Coyote Kishpaugh and Lauren Scharhag on the occasion of the Kensington Gore release of the first book in their Order of the Four Sons series. Back on December 4th, while I was on unexplained hiatus, Kensington Gore released the second book in the series, Carcosa.

book 2 ebook FINALThe book follows the team from the first book -- JD, Murphy, Doug and Kate -- as they pursue Countess Elizabeth Bathory across the face of a sinister desert planet filled with untold dangers. Director Clayton Grabowski and the Oracle find themselves mired in the political intrigues of the Order's leadership, while back on Earth, Bill forges an uneasy alliance with a government agent.

As they race to recover the Wand of Deleth, they uncover truths they had never expected about their enemies-- and themselves.

If you’ve read The Order of the Four Sons you already know that you have to get a copy and if you haven’t well maybe you should give them both a try. I certainly intend to.


Featured eBooks have not been read or reviewed. They are merely eBooks that have grabbed my attention and are now on my "to be read" list.

The last time we featured a book in this manner was December 20, 2013; it was The Winter Prince, also written by Lauren Scharhag.