Thursday, March 10, 2016

Let’s Elect “None of the Above” for President!

Are you getting sick of the 2016 US Presidential Election cycle yet? Odds are if you are in the US the answer is yes. I know I certainly am. As with the last several elections we are faced with a Primary field filled with people whose sole qualification seems to be that they want to be President. The Republican and Democrat voters get to whittle this field down to the least objectionable (to the voters) candidate and then come November we get to cast our vote for the lesser of the two evils.

Firstly, I’ve said repeatedly that anyone who wants to be President should not be and I agree with Douglas Adams who said that the candidate who is able to persuade the people to elect him (or her) should on no account be allowed to hold the position. Which pretty much means, none of the current candidates are viable. Especially as I am certain that none of them could answer a few simple questions, like “what form of government do we have in the US?” (hint: it is not a Democracy).

I have a radical solution to the problem of the un-electability of the candidates. It probably will even seem a little crazy too. Don’t elect any of them! In the Richard Pryor film “Brewster’s Millions”, Pryor’s character, Montgomery Brewster runs a political protest campaign chuck norrisurging a vote for "None of the Above.” Let’s do something in that vein but instead of “None of the Above”, let’s use the write-in option to draft someone who isn’t running. Someone who probably has never even thought of running. Someone tough. Someone who isn’t part of the Washington DC political scene. Someone like… Like… Like… Chuck Norris? Yeah, that would be good. Let’s draft Chuck Norris for President of the United States!!!

It worked before, George Washington did not run for President after all. He was elected by Congress and reluctantly accepted their decision. Hopefully, Chuck would accept ours too.