Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Wife's Vows

Last week I posted my wedding vows. Now in the interest of being fair and balanced here are my wife's vows.

"As I stand here today I am humbled by all that God has given me in you. I Love You Richard I know you are a gift from The Lord, and I am confident that He has led us to this day.
God knew the deep longing in my heart for a man of Godliness, a man of gentle strength and strong character, a man of loyal devotion. He has given me that and so much more in you. You have loved me with the sweetest love a love like I have never received from a man, and you have loved my children and begun to guide and mentor then, leading (teaching) my boys in the way a man of God should live. You allowed each of us a time to know the character of your heart to see the integrity in your life and to trust the love you have for all of us.
What an incredible blessing you have been.
I promise to love you always, to lift you up when you lack the strength and encourage you to reach for your dreams, I know I’m not perfect but with God’s help and your love I promise to love you always through All Time and Space."