Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review: The Unsheathed Key

“They’d made the legend out to be nothing but a silly story... the entire Realm’s beliefs were built upon what Súiribhán wanted them to believe...” Twelve years after the Fall, the Freed Realm is still recovering from the devastation sown by the rebellion. However, in the very house of one of Súiribhán’s most trusted workers, hope is hatching once again for the supporters of the Lost King.
The orphan Ileana starts to uncover the many lies embedded into her life, and she just might hold the key to the undoing of the new ruler. Will she choose to use it?  Suddenly, the girl finds herself at the centre of an impending war and she has to decide where to place her allegiance: with Súiribhán, the Lost King... or herself.
Guided by the wise maid Gwen until she makes her decision, Ileana will have to run. From her family, the terrifying flying beasts called hrakar, and the blood-eyed Captain who has haunted her dreams for years... 

A wonderful read! I was up until 4 in the morning just so I could finish it! "The Unsheathed Key" is an epic fantasy quest in the tradition of "The Lord of the Rings". A word of warning though, this is not one of those stand alone, read in any order series starters, it does cliffhang. Which begs the question... Where are the other two books? I need to see what happens next.